splendor of Venice

16 Jan

i got into the museum for free again.
used the same fake press pass
this time to see “splendor of venice”
they gave us headphones and a player.

i never knew there was a san marco.
never knew there were basilica songs of san marco
sounded like pink floyd’s
“set the controls for the heart of sun.”

never knew about Daphnis playing the syrinx.
had never heard of a syrinx.
never knew about Daphnis betraying a nymph and
the nymph blinding him and
Daphnis being consoled only by his music for the rest of his life.
sounds like a song from saturday night fever,
“if i can’t have you , i don’t want nobody baby.”
but the woman didn’t get all crazy and make the dude blind.

never knew the canal in venice was just a freaking lagoon.

it was like seeing Milwaukee’s North Point water towernorth
for the first time again;
the limestone brick and turquoise top flipping the birdie with
lake michigan in the background
and its so many different shades and shards of blue
on and on and on until water met sky,
just dreaming of strings, pastoral and courtesans.

i listened to bob marley’s “sun is shining”
on the bus ride home from the museum.


3 Responses to “splendor of Venice”

  1. Millie Ho January 16, 2014 at 5:40 pm #

    Last time I went into the Montreal Museum of Modern Art, I came out with a sketchbook filled with defiled and parodied art.

    I should make a post about that. You’ll like it.

    • steve January 16, 2014 at 5:53 pm #

      That’s the second or maybe third time I’ve been there. Great place. Even the steps leading to the exhibit are interesting. They’re far apart and no taller than a high heel. You have to really stretch to make it down. Forces you to walk super slow.

      And then there’s the coat room with the hangers moving like ghosts and the stampede of people to get a close up of a painting and the security guards looking more dead than the exhibits and the wheelchairs bumping into people and then of course the actual exhibit.

      The Venice show was maybe the best one yet, for me anyway. I heard the echo origins of parts of progressive rock in the lute and chants and strings explosion.

      I’m usually in and out in 60 minutes, but feel like a kid at halloween. Looking forward to your post Millie.

      • Millie Ho January 16, 2014 at 8:24 pm #

        I get you on the security guards looking more dead than the exhibits part. I asked a guard for instruction and he responded with a head roll and five second delay. It added a subdued sort of urgency to the entire trip, like I had to run around and see everything before the people and objects stopped functioning. It was a fascinating experience.

        Yes, working on it. 😀

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