eyes as a a meeting place for more than a G rated movie

29 May

hard to detect all the itsy bitsy traces of
greek, phoenician, moor, jew, visigoth, african, iberian, roman and
the even itsy bitsier taces of
basque,catalan, and all the the other pot luck gatherings
and royal sleep offs through the centuries
but it’s all there somewhere and
all together shaped a sparkle and gaze,
a pigment and nose too
and that was only the first chapter,
then came the fist of ships discovering how to colonize with
hundreds and thousands of new native mixings
and even more beauty in off spring and on spring and winter summer fall
on islands and continents,
mexico, honduras, belize, uruguay, peru, argentina
a new world always right around the corner,
lost in dark eyes and
the ass looked good too
and these weren’t even test tubes.

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