walking into some other room

21 Jun


my plan was to go inside the library and
read about tibet,weedingfleurie 001 (3)
but i noticed the silver church spire instead.
it was not alone
and so i thought,
now evergreens get their chance,
to stand and dance
with branches not really swaying,
more like fanning ledges,
diving boards for beetles
launch pads for butterflies
a summer carnival of ecosystem zillions
and the entire tree not really green at all,
but aqua blue spruce
drowing in nuclear ash this day after the end
and love is in the air,
but i buy a mini whisky instead and
slip into the library.

words by steve, broken bats

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  1. kvennarad June 22, 2015 at 4:28 am #

    The man who ordered bourbon and book.

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