i caught summer whispering

5 Jul

it was in between the winds
when a squirrel and i caught eyes.
we were both scared
both loitering outside the 7/11.
the squirrel looked like a paranoid crack addict
probably felt like one too.
this must be the first station along love’s journey i thought
or maybe this is a wild west stand-off and
we’re smelling each other out,
in preparation for the kill,
but then it went on longer and
we went past the public relations courtesy point and into
that strange space when
dots in that squirrel’s life started to connect with mine
and vice versa.
that’s when the paranoia and synchronicity spread their wings,
held hands too
and a gust of wind kicked into gear
disturbing the up above leaves.
or maybe they weren’t disturbed.
maybe they liked being turned around,
exposing their under belly other side,
that pale nuclear ash side
because with every ensuing gust,
the leaves twirled back and forth
electric fresh green one second and
pale nuclear ash the next,
two sides of the same life i thought and
so i decided that must be the sound of wind.


2 Responses to “i caught summer whispering”

  1. kvennarad July 6, 2015 at 4:29 am #

    Connects with squirrels. That can be your Lakota name.

    • steve July 6, 2015 at 11:12 am #

      an improvememnt i think from the only other native american name I’ve received, in Ojibwe; “wrong way.“

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