that worm has genius

8 Apr

i haven’t seen a turtle lately,
but i see lots of seagulls
so many in fact,
they may even outnumber stop signs and traffic lights,
but they’re all smart,
seagulls for playing breezes,
traffic lights for changing colors and
stop signs for being staked to the earth and not above our heads,
so we can fly if we choose,
wherever we want to go
like on days when it rains after snow,
slushy and messy for shoes and socks and feet so it’s better to fly,
but i’m thinking it must be a terrible tease to birds
who smell rain and think worms for supper,
but the earth is frozen so when they get there,
to some earth,
in search of some worms,
they discover that their beaks are not pile drivers and
so worms live another day.

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