simple pleasure of an otherwise highly disturbed mind

11 Apr

the subway car’s walls were once orange, she thought,
the floors sparkled sequins,
but now,
it all seems so dull.
she scratched her head,
not sure when she last washed her hair.
she never wore sun glasses.
she squinted instead.
there were no halos around her eyes,
only a genesis,
of wrinkles forming,
but she still woke up,
cut up newspapers and knew something was coming,
never knowing what that something was,
but then suddenly it was here,
The Great Demise,
but she dresses anyway and walks outside,
forgetting she even has eyes until
she sees a bench under a tree,
one she’s never seen before.
city musta planted it there, she thinks,
the bench that is
because the tree’s been there as long as she can remember
and then she suddenly remembers something else,
that she has legs,
but she decides to not use them.
she sits down on the bench instead
and smells the pine needles above her.


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