squeezing into small spaces

23 Apr

i was walking back from the grocery store,
having just completed the ancient act of
hunting and gathering
up and down the aisles of time,
playing soft tribute to my elders when
out of now….here
this guy tells me he carried a gong and a mallet into his mind.

i said, “how’d you do that?”

he said he wasn’t sure, but that it was probably a miracle since that gong was two times bigger than his head. he thinks it might have been one of those fortunate turns down a sudden alleyway when wonderful drip puddle reflection spice smells make ya go,

“vrooooom,” he said, “and then you’re in, inside your mind.”

someone or some thing apparently then offered him a gong and a mallet.

“Had to,” he told me, “Because i don’t have a gong and a mallet.”

well, he decided to hit the gong with the mallet and shortly thereafter, found an old persian hat and a pair of sunglasses so he put them on and walked east instead of his normal route west and felt good about the change.

i stopped for a second that turned to a minute, put myself in his shoes and wondered what I would do if inside my head with a gong and a mallet and I had to agree that i would do the same as he. i’d swing mallet into gong and enjoy the ba-boom and sound waves rippling and shortly thereafter something would probably happen…..

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