2 May

Jack Kerouac’s mother tongue was quebec french, in the ”le petit canada” town of Lowell, Massachusetts, brought to life gloom in Doctor Sax.

The first versions of what eventually became On The Road were also written in Quebec French and so is La vie est d’hommage, recently published by les editions boreale.

Kerouac writing in Quebec French, at least in Visions of Gerard and Doctor Sax, was words on paper as spoken on the street, a habit skill genius of getting sound reality down as opposed to the more typical proper dictionary style,
the two a sort of visceral to brain seesaw,
back and forth,
gush of an actor being / contrive of a director thinking.

le monde,
une jardin crève
Kerouac funambule
le ciel et la terre

the world,
a starving garden
kerouac tightrope walker
between heaven and earth

this poem is part of my longer tribute to Jack Kerouac,
posted on my other blog, HERE


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