Dépêche un soupir (hurry up a sigh)

8 May

Picou is a name i made up because it sounds good with p’tit. And I never use the word opal in my everyday French, but when I got to thinking about big eyes, well…….

la pierre à côté de le fleuve ne chante jamais et
fait pas de magie non plus

“Dépêche-toi” dit le vagabond a son ami – le p’tit picou

Le p’tit picou respire et regarde la pierre avec ses grandes yeux d’opale et 
sans parler,
3,000 ans de rivieres jaillissent
mais la pierre est toujours la pierre,
donc le p’tit picou tourne a son ami et dit

“pourquoi tu est pressé?”

the stone next to the river never sings,
does no magic either

“Hurry up,” the vagabond says to his friend – the little picou.

the little picou looks at the stone with his big opal eyes and
without speaking,
3,000 years of rivers gush,
but the stone is still the stone
so the little picou turns to his friend and asks

“why are you in a hurry?”



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