i just happened to be a lover of loiter on a warm day in montreal.

28 May

i was just about ready to walk under an overpass when i said screw it and scampered up a grassy slope hillside instead. I tossed my empty bag up that slope and watched it flop down a few inches and then settle in nicely with the tall mop head grasses and ants and other bugs and so i flopped down too and felt the angle and gravity but settled in as well, just like my empty bag and realized i could be almost anywhere planet earth. maybe the cars would have different shapes and maybe their wheels hissing and swishing across the cement would wear different identity tags on their rear and maybe one of the languages spoken inside those cars would be baritone and another soprano, but that highway valley down below would still look like a cavity and the motors would be revving, mufflers clacking and birds chirping in between the technology noises and no matter where i might be in this galaxy or on this planet i might lift my eyes to tree tops and see pine cones or coconut earrings as part of a tent canopy above, cotton candy cloud swirls too or maybe there would be no trees at all and no roads either and only sand dunes or lush forests but here i see all those electric wires criss-crossing the world like a cat’s cradle to play a musical score i hope it never ends, the world that is.


2 Responses to “i just happened to be a lover of loiter on a warm day in montreal.”

  1. kvennarad May 29, 2016 at 5:47 am #


    • Steve Myers May 30, 2016 at 11:05 am #

      hillsides and i overlooking roads seem to get along well, but i wouldn’t want to live there, too noisy.

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