are we there yet?

30 May

sometimes it feels like i gotta fly to jupiter before i can reach my destination and this concept feels like a blue print that can be extrapolated and applied to just about anything, like take my personal journey of no definite destination.
it changes all the time. it’s like Korea.
i knew a guy in the war there.
he said they climbed a hill,
and thought they won something,
but only got a view of tomorrow’s hill to climb
so every new flight suffers the same jupiter i guess
this seems especially true with writing stories short or long;
so the 83 pages of fat i wrote is suddenly no longer needed because
i trimmed the story to 13, but without the 83 pages of Jupiter,
i would have never gotten to the 13 destination,
but a story finished is yesterday’s story
and well, now it’s today.

in other news, i ate three waffles for breakfast.


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