reason 1,473 i love beer and air too

5 Jun

i was at a college dorm, waiting for a friend to get their stuff. it was like a dentist office waiting room with lots of magazines, a tv and a bookshelf. i grabbed an old-looking book and turned to any page. it must have been a religious book or philosophy or whatever because a sensation was being described by a 7th century monk.

I think he was a buddhist, but i don’t think that really mattered and i realize that now, almost 10 years later because my next door neighbor says the same thing as that 7th century monk and so does the cashier at the grocery store……that feeling awake is often brought on suddenly when traveling on new and strange roads, that it arouses synapses and sometimes even past life delights.

Yeh, even the cashier started explaining past lives and things. She chewed gum. A real nice lady who liked people and probably still does.

i agree with all of that too and sometimes a simple walk round the block does the trick, rouses sensations and feeling awake and what not, but sometimes i feel lazy in my socks and open a beer instead and then another and next thing i know, it feels like i’m in a new synapse forest of my mind and it feels virgin.

i think the majority portion of our minds are still virgin?

other times i have no beer, so i open the window and air pours in and it feels like i’m in a new synapse virgin forest in my mind anyway.

and so i love beer and air, windows too.


2 Responses to “reason 1,473 i love beer and air too”

  1. Millie Ho June 5, 2016 at 3:27 pm #

    The phrase that came to mind was “dark spots that live in the head”. Sounds a little ominous to call them dark spots, but that’s what they feel like most of the time, when wakefulness is in short supply. They are dimmed spaces yet to be explored, or installed with candles. Even a scented one would do.

    We’re probably all aware of this on a subconscious level. Cashiers that chew gum are offer bite-sized philosophy with each checkout.

    • Steve Myers June 6, 2016 at 1:23 pm #

      That Suzuki show “nature of things” comes on APTN every Sunday. i like it a lot, learn a lot. yesterday’s show was about the canadian prairies. i fell asleep in the middle, not because it was boring. I was just tired. I’ll probably watch it on line. part of it was about how forest fires help regenerate the prairies, something about the ash inspiring the pine cones igniting the earth and a new growth cycle. hard to believe suzuki is 80 or whatever. he looks like 40 years old.

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