i once had an erector set and it did me no good, but

7 Jun

i think it’s a good idea to try and build a space ship and take off, but if you’re like me and barely finished algebra and maybe somehow managed to make a paper airplane, but that never really reached a cruising altitude and flew drunk instead, quickly nosediving into a bush… well,

earth-bound isn’t all bad. there’s hunting and gathering to do and sure, the challenges are no longer saber toothed tigers and death, but with all us grocery store shoppers in a crowded place, armed with big metal karts and panicked states of mind and mean faces and what not,

yeh, what a relief when it doesn’t turn into a bumper car demolition derby, though that could be fun too, but either way, it’s great to make it out of their alive, especially with a bag of potatoes and a slab of cheese to eat with ketchup tonight.



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