concrete jupiter

24 Oct

is cement dead?
i mean if you put a slab of it under a microscope, is there all that crazy dancing of cells and protons and what not? squash is on special today. it always is this time of year. i could buy some, maybe a butternut squash, and chop it into cubes and freeze and store silo it for a winter december soup to be, but fuck it! the cement streets and sidewalks are everywhere and i can’t hear what the birds are trying to tell us. are they trying to tell us something? probably more than the nightly news anyway.  i should do what the doctor says and breathe, stretch, exercise, and read, but i’ll drink some wine instead and think about old Hopi days and maybe get a little closer to what’s underneath the cement and then it will maybe feel more like today.


One Response to “concrete jupiter”

  1. kvennarad October 25, 2016 at 4:40 am #

    Concrete Jupiter beats abstract Jupiter like a full house beats two pears [sic].

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