i was gonna take a bath

27 Oct

i liked the refrigerator i grew up around, the air conditioner too.
we played video games on matell intellivision.
we made basketball hoops out of buckets.
the streets were dark and more often than not – empty and scary.
it was a little bit like a horror movie walking home at night.
there were owls, crows, rabbits, squirrels and gas stations open 24 hours.
i liked my life growing up among all of this.
i’m glad i survived.
that way i can watch a spider crawling in a bathtub today.
at first i wonder if it’s struggling to reach the top,
but then it spins a web or it dreams a web and well,
i think maybe that spider knows more than i do…probably.


One Response to “i was gonna take a bath”

  1. kvennarad October 28, 2016 at 4:52 am #

    It knows more spider-stuff than you, that’s a certainty.

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