smoking joe

26 Nov

the other day someone shared their fascination over the precision required to install a new bathroom inside an already very large hospital, all the plumbing pipes that had to be arranged in such and such a location to link to the bigger pipes and all the electric wires having to do the same.

i felt old standing there so cold, so numb to all of life’s plumbing and electrical wonders. it just didn’t fascinate me, but it was good to hear someone else so captivated. he was like a little kid visiting the giant aquarium for the first time.

i walked on and saw a familiar face in the neighborhood. he’s a chain smoker. i see him often. when i walk to the grocery store, there he is. when i walk to work, there he is. when i walk to the beer store, there he is. and every time i see him, he’s shuffling his feet and smoking and he doesn’t inhale every few shuffles nonchalantly looking fashionable no sireeeee, he sucks out every last morsel of that tobacco with his entire being and the way he smokes and the way he shuffles his feet seems to take a lot of precision too or at least it fascinates me.


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