soon June minus 49

10 Mar

My dad gave me an electric razor. No more risking sharp edges across my face and no more soapy water.

I had an idea for a story; about a kid who walks beside a swimming pool and reads the rules of the pool and then breaks every one of them and in doing so, he leads his little pack of friends astray.

I was in Scottsdale, Arizona a few weeks ago. I remember a canal there. A set of posters were on display explaining that White Amure Fish had been dropped into the canal to eat weeds. I thought that was a great idea, a Flintstonian idea.

I watched a documentary on the Mennonite Drug Cartel. The key word here is documentary. It wasn’t a movie. It was real. It is real.

I’d like to work for the Montreal port and keep track of all the ships that come and go.

The longest book I’ve ever read is Don Quixote. It was close to 1,000 pages. I had to read it for school, but still, I enjoyed it. The teacher told us to not read any reviews or comments about the book. He wanted us to have our own Quixote experience. I liked that the narrator of the book sometimes had an Arabic sounding name. We decided in class that maybe it was the author’s way of saying that the Spanish character consisted of many races – from the Phoenicians to the Greeks to the Romans to the Moors and so on.

Someone wonders why those Jews grow side curls and wear such funny hats. “For the same reason I love newspapers,” I answer “Because my father does and his father did. It’s enjoyable to ruffle those pages and read.”

I was reading that Israeli floral and fauna book again during my lunch break. I turned to the page on centipedes. “Of the two common species(in Israel), the scarlet scolopender is to be feared….up to 8 inches, not deadly, but a painful bite.”

What a great name – Scarlet Scolopender.

I was convinced again today that people are inherently great; after a co-worker told me that the book ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ was loosely based on Dante’s ‘Inferno,’ something about our souls being everlasting gobstopping suckers to our appetites.


3 Responses to “soon June minus 49”

  1. Allan G. Smorra March 10, 2017 at 9:54 pm #

    “Mennonite Drug Cartel”, there’s some words that I do not ever remember seeing together. Have an educational weekend, Steve—and please tell us about it.

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