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creature of seasons gush

29 Mar

the seagulls sky loiter above the grocery store parking lot,
no ocean needed.
no garbage dumps either,
there they are,
uncontrollable singing
in tandem with
crow bass beat booms sudden.
the wind is warm or warmer.
i take my time,
i watch some fellow humans limp along.
i play spacier music on my headphones,
magnetic fields
i want the beer i buy to last forever.
the northern industry and efficiency is done.
bathing suits soon.
this season.
this may be the one.
i already bought some light bulbs.
soon i’ll open the windows.

shopping and what not

20 Mar

i have a bad habit of feeling ready for a nuclear disaster after scoring an 8 pack of canned tuna. i guess i feel this way because each can is then turned into a different dish –
tuna with pasta,
tuna with rice,
tuna sandwich and so on

i can stay away from the grocery store for 8 days and well,
8 days is a long time.

But the other day i went to the grocery store and as always, the giant food warehouse was filled with all sorts of curiosities, from plastic cutlery to spices in packs to giant bags of bird seed stashed under the broccoli display,  as if to say,
hey animals!
put your differences aside and
come together for a squall of a moment and
you can count on us as
a place to come and get it.

movement of beings

16 Mar

sometimes the layout of a newspaper page tells a story all by itself.

the other day, page 2 of the national post had a full spread on immigrants hoofing it north into Canada from the United States, through the “swiss cheese border” they called it.

and on page 3 was a story about global warming messing up the travel patterns of polar bears; about them showing up a top garbage heaps near James Bay, which is way further south than other years.

soon June minus 70 something

12 Mar

i got so excited when March arrived that I messed up the countdown to June. And just to rub it in, Montreal’s been wickedly windy and cold the last few days, so windy that an elderly woman had to hold onto a stop sign pole. One strong gust and she would have been lifted horizontal and spun around like a tether ball.

if i were a cat, i’d sit curled up on a window sill and watch wind work its wonders with snow, leaving curvy castle like shapes in its invisible wake and if i were in saudia arabia, i’d do the same, only with sand instead of snow.

cheering for nothing in particular

29 Oct

over the past few years,
i’ve spotted two sets of bleachers in the seemingly middle-of-nowhere.
i say middle-of-nowhere. because they weren’t overlooking a field where teams compete.
there were no goals or sides.
maybe the bleachers were put there to be like a park bench,
to entice more people to become observers,
as opposed to competitors?

i was gonna take a bath

27 Oct

i liked the refrigerator i grew up around, the air conditioner too.
we played video games on matell intellivision.
we made basketball hoops out of buckets.
the streets were dark and more often than not – empty and scary.
it was a little bit like a horror movie walking home at night.
there were owls, crows, rabbits, squirrels and gas stations open 24 hours.
i liked my life growing up among all of this.
i’m glad i survived.
that way i can watch a spider crawling in a bathtub today.
at first i wonder if it’s struggling to reach the top,
but then it spins a web or it dreams a web and well,
i think maybe that spider knows more than i do…probably.

concrete jupiter

24 Oct

is cement dead?
i mean if you put a slab of it under a microscope, is there all that crazy dancing of cells and protons and what not? squash is on special today. it always is this time of year. i could buy some, maybe a butternut squash, and chop it into cubes and freeze and store silo it for a winter december soup to be, but fuck it! the cement streets and sidewalks are everywhere and i can’t hear what the birds are trying to tell us. are they trying to tell us something? probably more than the nightly news anyway.  i should do what the doctor says and breathe, stretch, exercise, and read, but i’ll drink some wine instead and think about old Hopi days and maybe get a little closer to what’s underneath the cement and then it will maybe feel more like today.

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