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the smile collector

22 Nov

I told the name of this poem to a co-worker.
He thought it was something sinister,
like a horror movie with clowns or something,
but I promised him it was really just about smiles.
specifically when i’m walking to work.
i see these two kids
first there’s this girl.
then there’s this boy.
we smile at each other.
we’ve made it a habit.
it feels like an electric jolt every time.


a dark day with purple clouds

21 Nov

i slip into the library,
climb to the second floor and
find a vacant orange cushioned chair beside the window.
there are about a dozen of these chairs lined up against the window.
they all face the same direction.
I am seated towards the back.
i know its the back because i can see all the people in front of me.
a middle aged man is reading a coffee table size graphic novel
an older lady is leaned over with head in her hands.
others stare out the window at the street down below. i stare out there too.
it’s a busy street,
a mix of students, workers, and beggars.
i think about a junky i know and hope he’s scored his dope for the day.

getting squirrels to calm down

19 Nov

it’s hard to not notice squirrels.
they behave like they’ve done something horribly wrong.
they look left and then right.
they dart east and then west.
but every so often they pause,
stand on their back legs and hold their paws together.
they look rather peaceful doing it too,
like an old lady twirling rosary beads.
the other day i held my hands together.
i brought them close to my mouth and guess what?
the squirrel calmed down so I held my hands there a while.
i think the squirrel thought I was a squirrel too,
a big one,
but nonetheless a squirrel.
we now have something to go on.

the switchman

28 May

i sit in the bathtub,
not too often,
but the next time i do,
i will watch the water slither towards the drain and
remember that
water wears down everything and
it will do me too.
then after that,
i’ll exit the tub,
dry off,
and cut some vegetables in the nude.

painting by colorsetbrushes

flat lines dancing with vital signs

26 Apr

Our stubbed toes, cardboard cuts, dangerous heart rhythms, liver failures and so on body’s decay marinates our minds for the end
to love our lovers.

creature of seasons gush

29 Mar

the seagulls sky loiter above the grocery store parking lot,
no ocean needed.
no garbage dumps either,
there they are,
uncontrollable singing
in tandem with
crow bass beat booms sudden.
the wind is warm or warmer.
i take my time,
i watch some fellow humans limp along.
i play spacier music on my headphones,
magnetic fields
i want the beer i buy to last forever.
the northern industry and efficiency is done.
bathing suits soon.
this season.
this may be the one.
i already bought some light bulbs.
soon i’ll open the windows.

food chain confusion

24 Mar

a good fiber diet probably does a lot of good things for our bodies. it, for example, is supposed to keep our shit together. I eat coleslaw and salad from time to time and plenty of frozen vegetables so then why do i always need so much toilet paper? The toilet paper then clogs the toilet or if it finally proceeds past the flush and swirl; it reeks havoc elsewhere; it probably stalls or contaminates the sewage treatment plant situation and even then, even when it returns to the river or sea, it is eaten by a fish which is then caught, killed, packaged, and shipped off to a grocery store cooler for me to look at and decide whether or not to participate in the whole fishicide scenario which makes me wonder how much toilet paper i have. maybe i should start making soup?

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