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if i were a fortune cookie note stuck on the outskirts of a toilet bowl waiting to be flushed

17 Jul

god didn’t promise there’d be no wars, but he does offer a manual to cope with them.


kind of equinox-ical center of the sun-ish

10 Jul

It was sitting on my shelf. I don’t remember why I picked it up again. The Surrounded by D’Arcy McNickle. If someone asked me what it was about, I’d probably say something like….

“a Native American caught between assimilation city life and return to the traditional ways.”

But that would be just to fill dead space because other than the title and the author I don’t remember much or I remember nothing, not even the author. I looked at the cover as I wrote the name down. But some pages are curled (those little triangles) to mark an important point and there are underlines in pencil so I musta read it.

The book’s binding is loose so when I opened it, I turned to the biggest opening. I turned to page 107. My eyes jumped to the middle of the page and

“……Do people change overnight? Have you ever known boy, man, or woman to get up one morning and from then on be a new person?”

“But who has done that?”

“Well, isn’t it that way with Archilde? Suddenly he is interested in music, he works for me, he is willing to study. How is it? He wasn’t that way before.”

mug shots

3 Jul

carving people presidents into Mt Rushmore’s side
I think it was sacred land for the Oglala Sioux.
i might have the wrong tribe and all that,
but I think they called the mountain “four elders.”
They saw some semblance of their elder’s faces in the way the mountain was,
as is….
I guess that was the key…
mountain as is…
no need to carve it up.

fish hatchery and the history of grocery stores

27 Jun

i jotted the words fish hatchery and the history of grocery stores down today never intending to weave them into a poem.

Let’s deal with fish hatchery first. OK, some guy at work kept saying, “I grow fish in my backyard.” He said it over and over, musta been 10 times. I have no idea why he said it, but it got me thinking of those fish raising zones and I knew there was a word for it, but it wouldn’t come to me and then it did, so I wrote it down – fish hatchery.

Now the history of grocery stores. OK, Costco? Kosko? However you spell that place….I was there this past weekend and with all the people and cars and karts, all that traffic and mad dash, I got to thinking about the history of grocery stores. I reminded myself to jot that down so I could look it up later on. But it slipped my mind and didn’t return until I remembered fish hatchery today.

I guess when you rack your brain to remember something and then remember it, some cortex or whatever you call it is tickled and other things can then be remembered.

So here i sit behind the computer thinking about these things – fish hatchery and the history of grocery stores and maybe there’s a poem in there somewhere, but it’s not coming to me right now.

mahshkesaneeee wind

26 Jun

there were times, not that long ago times, when stewart and sarah and ron and sandy sat around playing instruments and songs came to them from who knows where and they never wrote those songs down and where did those songs go?

the reset button

24 Jun

i sit and watch a self destructive thought enter my head space and have no rocket launchers to make it disappear; even words don’t help; only the wind-ruach-breath-inhale in through my nostrils and exhale out my nostrils does function me yes i feel better.

fleeting airlines says you are free to move about the cabin

19 Jun

i think i’ll put aside all paranoia and self doubt and
think about how great certain people are.

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