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the mafia in us all

14 Mar

there weren’t amputated fingers in their soup,
barely even a curse word,
but for some reason or another,
the mother didn’t talk with her father
and then the great grandson got into some rivalry with his brother,
the sister hated the mother
and the world is a bruised apple,
kshh kshh kshh of a record refusing to finish
but out of now here
some meaty white apple parts.


the clouds disappear one day

20 May

grandma and grandpa evergreen
wave to the magnolia’s flash of pedals.
they are crumpled up newspapers,
but some events need no clocks and calendars.
they are magnetic.
we humble upon one another.

creature of seasons gush

29 Mar

the seagulls sky loiter above the grocery store parking lot,
no ocean needed.
no garbage dumps either,
there they are,
uncontrollable singing
in tandem with
crow bass beat booms sudden.
the wind is warm or warmer.
i take my time,
i watch some fellow humans limp along.
i play spacier music on my headphones,
magnetic fields
i want the beer i buy to last forever.
the northern industry and efficiency is done.
bathing suits soon.
this season.
this may be the one.
i already bought some light bulbs.
soon i’ll open the windows.

ode to heat

17 Mar

i live in a basement where it gets cold. this makes little sense since i’m physically closer to the center of the earth, but anyway, the landlord was nice enough to install a floor board electric heat system. I assume that’s the law in Quebec. The inside of these small fence-like rectangles sort of looks like the exposed side of a harmonica. They click and crack but I don’t hear the noise since I wear ear plugs.

i like to lay on my bed, on my stomach with my head leaning over the edge. I look down at the floor board heater and feel the heat. it feels great.

soon June minus 70 something

12 Mar

i got so excited when March arrived that I messed up the countdown to June. And just to rub it in, Montreal’s been wickedly windy and cold the last few days, so windy that an elderly woman had to hold onto a stop sign pole. One strong gust and she would have been lifted horizontal and spun around like a tether ball.

if i were a cat, i’d sit curled up on a window sill and watch wind work its wonders with snow, leaving curvy castle like shapes in its invisible wake and if i were in saudia arabia, i’d do the same, only with sand instead of snow.

not exactly religious, but

9 Oct

to designate pajamas as sleep apparel
slippers and a bathrobe for retrieving a newspaper or mail
as leaves come and go on branches
smells like faith.

if i were a cloud…

21 Sep

i’d be one of those giant cauliflower cumalumbalus clouds on a hot humid day when the future is always steamy and up ahead and advancing quickly is another giant cauliflower cumalumbalus cloud and we merge into one.

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