our beautiful messy tasty bodies

22 Mar

i’m not a farmer, not yet anyway, but i believe in polygamy with fruits and vegetables. I would think it provides crop rotation to the earth, gives the soil some rest – potatoes one season, zucchini the next. I would like to get together with farmers and discuss this and maybe even smuggle some fruits and produce into urban parks. We could display them on make shift scarecrows.

apples, oranges, potatoes for breasts.
cucumbers, zucchini and carrots for penises.
the inside of eggplants for vaginas.

we could make bodies beautiful and tasty again, like they were before all this synthetic porn, before all this plastic, perfect, and fake. We could go back to all that dirt and scratchy records.


propaganda? racial profiling? geopolitical hogwash?

21 Mar

we were lazy in the afternoon,
finding the country with the most obese people,
the tallest people,
the people with the largest penises
turns out the democratic republic of Congo won that one
and the smallest penises went to North Korea
we concluded,
would explain their obsession over ballistic missile launchings,
an over compensation of sorts,
but come to think of it,
i’ve never had a doctor or any government official
measure my penis.
who can trust these websites?

shopping and what not

20 Mar

i have a bad habit of feeling ready for a nuclear disaster after scoring an 8 pack of canned tuna. i guess i feel this way because each can is then turned into a different dish –
tuna with pasta,
tuna with rice,
tuna sandwich and so on

i can stay away from the grocery store for 8 days and well,
8 days is a long time.

But the other day i went to the grocery store and as always, the giant food warehouse was filled with all sorts of curiosities, from plastic cutlery to spices in packs to giant bags of bird seed stashed under the broccoli display,  as if to say,
hey animals!
put your differences aside and
come together for a squall of a moment and
you can count on us as
a place to come and get it.

cooking an egg in the microwave

19 Mar

i saw this documentary about how corporations rule the food industry and how chickens are over fed and/or pumped up with synthetics so much that they get too big and can’t walk. one of the people interviewed in the documentary wrote a book called ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma.’ i’ve been thinking about buying it, reading it, and maybe even changing my diet as a result, to do something good for the planet and what not.

but then the other day i was in a hurry and wanted to eat an egg so i cracked one into a bowl and put the bowl in the microwave. big mistake because the egg exploded. i guess i have a long way to go until reaching culinary enlightenment. maybe i’ll hold off on reading ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma’ and make some peanut butter/banana sandwiches and visit a farm instead; have a look around.

on finishing george orwell’s book on the spanish civil war

18 Mar

i don’t remember all the revolutionary parties,
nor the fascist strong holds,
only that there was a civil war between the workers and the bourgeois and
what are the bourgeois?
I’m not even sure of that,
but what i do know and what i will remember is
the Spanish love olive oil and that sometimes
when the train departure time says 4 pm,
the train doesn’t always leave at 4 pm.
in fact, the train sometimes doesn’t leave until manana.

ode to heat

17 Mar

i live in a basement where it gets cold. this makes little sense since i’m physically closer to the center of the earth, but anyway, the landlord was nice enough to install a floor board electric heat system. I assume that’s the law in Quebec. The inside of these small fence-like rectangles sort of looks like the exposed side of a harmonica. They click and crack but I don’t hear the noise since I wear ear plugs.

i like to lay on my bed, on my stomach with my head leaning over the edge. I look down at the floor board heater and feel the heat. it feels great.

movement of beings

16 Mar

sometimes the layout of a newspaper page tells a story all by itself.

the other day, page 2 of the national post had a full spread on immigrants hoofing it north into Canada from the United States, through the “swiss cheese border” they called it.

and on page 3 was a story about global warming messing up the travel patterns of polar bears; about them showing up a top garbage heaps near James Bay, which is way further south than other years.

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