on finishing george orwell’s book on the spanish civil war

18 Mar

i don’t remember all the revolutionary parties,
nor the fascist strong holds,
only that there was a civil war between the workers and the bourgeois and
what are the bourgeois?
I’m not even sure of that,
but what i do know and what i will remember is
the Spanish love olive oil and that sometimes
when the train departure time says 4 pm,
the train doesn’t always leave at 4 pm.
in fact, the train sometimes doesn’t leave until manana.

ode to heat

17 Mar

i live in a basement where it gets cold. this makes little sense since i’m physically closer to the center of the earth, but anyway, the landlord was nice enough to install a floor board electric heat system. I assume that’s the law in Quebec. The inside of these small fence-like rectangles sort of looks like the exposed side of a harmonica. They click and crack but I don’t hear the noise since I wear ear plugs.

i like to lay on my bed, on my stomach with my head leaning over the edge. I look down at the floor board heater and feel the heat. it feels great.

movement of beings

16 Mar

sometimes the layout of a newspaper page tells a story all by itself.

the other day, page 2 of the national post had a full spread on immigrants hoofing it north into Canada from the United States, through the “swiss cheese border” they called it.

and on page 3 was a story about global warming messing up the travel patterns of polar bears; about them showing up a top garbage heaps near James Bay, which is way further south than other years.

more tales of recycling

15 Mar

I let my hair grow kind of long this past year and then i cut it and without much thought tossed the hair pile into the garbage. A lady at work asked me what I did with my hair. She said back home, they donate hair, to make wigs for cancer patients.
i guess it’s like donating organs.

what i know

14 Mar

I don’t understand the technicalities of winter changing to spring or night to day for that matter. I never did. But I blindly accepted what an astronaut, professor and sci-fi TV show told me about the galaxy; that the earth wasn’t flat, and that it spun on its own axis and simultaneously around the sun, the moon’s relationship with the tides and so on.

In my reality, the only thing i’m sure of is that earth is floating in outer space and since we humans are living on this earth, we too are floating in outer space. But I have no facts to prove this either.  I’ve never figured it out for myself with math formulas and what not. I base it on a feeling I sometimes get at night when I look out at all those stars. I tell myself there may very well be life on other planets and therefore, an unidentifiable being might approach me while walking to or from work and if one did, i would invite them to take a coffee at McDonalds.

end of the world

13 Mar

when all is said and done, i hope there’s time and that i’m in the right state of mind to enjoy a sip of lemonade on a porch.

soon June minus 70 something

12 Mar

i got so excited when March arrived that I messed up the countdown to June. And just to rub it in, Montreal’s been wickedly windy and cold the last few days, so windy that an elderly woman had to hold onto a stop sign pole. One strong gust and she would have been lifted horizontal and spun around like a tether ball.

if i were a cat, i’d sit curled up on a window sill and watch wind work its wonders with snow, leaving curvy castle like shapes in its invisible wake and if i were in saudia arabia, i’d do the same, only with sand instead of snow.

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