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flat lines dancing with vital signs

26 Apr

Our stubbed toes, cardboard cuts, dangerous heart rhythms, liver failures and so on body’s decay marinates our minds for the end
to love our lovers.


small surprise Big Surprise

2 Jan

three filipino girl carollers knock on my door new year’s eve.
they raising money for typhoon victims.
-40 degree outside.
i give them 5 bucks.
they say god bless you.

i tell Buddha about carollers and 5 bucks on new year’s day.
Buddha say, “do good things and good things happen to you.”
Then he invite me into his mind for 3 stories and 3 flashes.

story one is about rich woman, her servant, and the poor jealous neighbor.
rich woman receive gift from poor jealous neighbor;
it’s a box of human shit.
rich woman ask her servant to dispose of the shit.
next day, rich woman tell servant to put fragrant flowers in new box.
give as gift to neighbor.
servant is confused, “no revenge?”
rich woman smiles.
servant understands.
rich woman can’t retaliate with box of shit.
rich woman not full of shit.
she full of fragrant flowers.

story two is about a demon, a peaceful man and waves.
a demon come upon a peaceful man and speak in big distractions.
peaceful man is disturbed, so he walk to ocean and
watch waves come and go.
next day demon comes upon peaceful man and
peaceful man no longer disturbed.

story three is about celebration.
Buddha hand me red envelope and wish me good luck.
i hand buddha red envelope and wish him good luck.
we laugh many times that same night.

flash one-dalai lamas’ smile
very hard to cure.
very easy to kill.

flash two-anger.
father tells son to nail hole in wall every time he angry.
father tells son to remove nail every time anger avoided.
holes stay there.
better to not be angry in first place.

flash three-death.
lizard shed tale
everything new and fresh.
no worry about death.
be happy.

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