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a book, t-shirt, and song i love

15 Aug

She appeared like a bee, silent from a distant and then buzzing a simple “Hi.”

I think it was in a computer lab. She helped me print something. A few days later i saw her walking on the sidewalk. She was reading a book. I noticed the title. it was something like How To Make Love In Your Everyday Life

That really stuck with me because it was more than 20 years ago and I still remember and then today on a hospital elevator, i noticed a woman’s t-shirt. It said, “Fall in love with as many things as possible.”

I think this song is in the language they speak in Nunavut which is kind of interesting because I always thought it was so cold there and this song, her voice, is so warm. I love this song and have no idea what it means.


embryos and crawling

7 Aug

are you experienced could relate to just about anything

26 Jul

that’s the jimmy hendrix song Are You Experienced or album name, maybe both, and it’s only three words but it explains everything to me….if i’m laughing hysterically and someone else is laughing hysterically and we’re both laughing at the same time about the same thing, well then I guess we’ve both been experienced with whatever that thing is and that’s like a rope dangling down from a helicopter to save my ass from drowning in my life of no hysterical laughing.




i wonder if it was always this way?

24 Jul

with all these shootings, i wonder if it’s always been this way like have people always been this disturbed or aggressive or maybe that makes a good military chief? Have there always been Gengis Khans? At least they had an outlet to wage battle. Maybe kids and young adults don’t have a way to wage battle anymore. But then that would mean war or battle was intrinsic to life. Maybe it would be best if people stopped having kids, for a little while anyway, until we figure out if the world ain’t under some weird spell or not.

there is war and getting your fingernail pinched, but

24 Jul

48 messages on an answering machine?
and all of em from the same person!
love still lives!

if i were a fortune cookie note stuck on the outskirts of a toilet bowl waiting to be flushed

17 Jul

god didn’t promise there’d be no wars, but he does offer a manual to cope with them.

kind of equinox-ical center of the sun-ish

10 Jul

It was sitting on my shelf. I don’t remember why I picked it up again. The Surrounded by D’Arcy McNickle. If someone asked me what it was about, I’d probably say something like….

“a Native American caught between assimilation city life and return to the traditional ways.”

But that would be just to fill dead space because other than the title and the author I don’t remember much or I remember nothing, not even the author. I looked at the cover as I wrote the name down. But some pages are curled (those little triangles) to mark an important point and there are underlines in pencil so I musta read it.

The book’s binding is loose so when I opened it, I turned to the biggest opening. I turned to page 107. My eyes jumped to the middle of the page and

“……Do people change overnight? Have you ever known boy, man, or woman to get up one morning and from then on be a new person?”

“But who has done that?”

“Well, isn’t it that way with Archilde? Suddenly he is interested in music, he works for me, he is willing to study. How is it? He wasn’t that way before.”

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