a pervert’s plea

18 Apr

ahh spring you’re so predictable
with all these oranges and eggplant innards,
cucumbers, coconut hairs, caves and volcanoes,
the beating breathing humping circuit board hearts
coated with delicious curves of rolling hill flesh
and we the still life clouds floating across ponds.

school daze

15 Apr

about that school teacher and her red pen.
i seen her on the subway.
she was drunk;
a good drunk;
quietly swigging rum from an orange juice container
in between last minute corrections;
making vital signs on term papers
and every kid will pass no matter what and
a never before rhythm will steal them kiddies away.

on the origins of songs

14 Apr

it’s hard to make a blue sound
when a mind hijacks its own cockpit and
insists on analyzing guitar strings;
horse hair, bamboo or what not;
the fat strings, skinny strings…interesting, but
a stubbed toe is barely noticied
and the key hole gets clogged with reason.

and so it goes

13 Apr

they took my aunt and her morning ritual;
head over boiling water,
breathing vapors for amnesia effect.
they took the captain and
his parodies of ernie and bert.
they took butch and his drunk graduate thesis;
12 pack at his side.
dammit and butch was deconstructing deconstruction.
oh well, doctor d extra terrestrial takes em’ all;
freaking greedy bastard,
but that’s ok.
there’s still you and today and
it feels like forever.

we and the tree bombs

12 Apr

the branches are launch pads now and
all the violet bulbs line up,
eager for lift off,
not knowing what the explosion may bring,
but screw it.
come on!
a few more torques on this old jalopy window and
open sesaweeeeeee

i almost made a new friend

11 Apr

seagulls reclaim this park every spring.
sitting there,
wings tucked in,
looking like bowling pins
in connect the dot chaos across the yard.
must be hundreds of them.
i wanted to ask one some standard conversation sparklers:
your first nest?
how was the tree?
any brothers and sisters?
the gull gave me a few aw aw cacaws and then
exposed its open beak.
dark as night in there,
but beautiful,
its secret preserved like neptune

feline calibration

10 Apr

about 6 or 7 stray cats live behind our apartment.
the numbers change.
the cats come and go freely.
there are no clocks.
i like all of them;
popping up out of nowhere
with bulging eyes and surprise as if to say,
“who are you?” and
then dropping their head and carrying on as if to say
“no big deal.”


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