5 Aug

there’s this empty stadium in my head
and crowds roll in;
a reverse river flow,
turning wall outlets into ghosts with two droopy eyes and an uh oh mouth
turning a sandy beach of castle dreams into quick sand.
turning sweet voices into avalanche,
there’s this place;
a nothing,
a dark nothing,
a dark silent wonderful nothing
that suddenly appears
that blows everything to smithereens
i reach for the the lever on the side of the sofa;
the kick back breeze. 

i can’t remember what inning it was or the the score or the teams playing for that matter

4 Aug

i used to complain about commercials;
especially while watching baseball games,
but then i listened and commercials became entertaining,
but then they disappeared;
on mlb.tv anyway;
just a screen with the mlb.tv emblem shimmering and silence between innings.
i was eating an apple a few a games ago and
between the innings arrived and
the apple was just about at the core;
all of the big bites gone and what not.
i imagined being without water for three days or whatever;
dry lips, dizzy when
out of nowhere this apple appeared.
it was just the core and really hard; not much to chew,
but i slurped my way right into paradise anyway.

you like movies, i like movies, we like movies

3 Aug

sometimes sad movies are good.
they help bring out the tears and empty our pain bucket,
but most times, funny movies are better.
this life is a movie.
who is the director of all these plots and suspense and
how did i meet him and her and how did i become this?
who cares! it doesn’t matter, but
hey look down here or up here or over here.
we’re having a good time for no apparent reason
other than we’re here in this your movie.

fast food marriage and divorce

6 Jul

anywhere traffic light turns green and
we all walk side by side down the aisle;
sucked in by the strange smell;
honeymoon in the first few steps
routine as the cement midway island nears
boredom when the other side is reached,
but no regrets as we slip back into the river.



smells like medicine

5 Jul

to arrive where three rivers merge into lake,
maybe 500 years ago
and give it a name like
“a gathering place by the waters.”

the nursery of noovin-ville

13 Jun
there’s a place in my mind
somewhere just around the suddenly.
i call it noovinville for no reason other than
liking the way it sounds and
the nothing way it laughs.
sitting like a rapture,
reminding me in welcome home party hat
“where have you been peduncle head?”
life is still but a dream!”


it was almost the last supper and then…..

12 Jun

the waiting room seduced me with its damaged magazine cover and
plants not so heliotropic.
i heard the squish of brains thinking too much
and then some eyes hit me.
it was right about the time they announced my name like a meat counter number.
the doctor didn’t know my body or mind.
how could he?
i had never invited him inside.
no x-ray knew more than me beside this body and mind all these years;
but did i ever listen?
oh yeh, just that one organ when it acted up
more like a synthesizer
after looking long and hard into those eyes not mine
and like a dose,
everything melted and
i crumbled for hours, days, months, years and
only mine fields remained and then
pang pang pang
there were no more mines,
just an almost empty carcass
and then
the waiting room seduced me again with its damaged magazine cover and
plants not so heliotropic.
i heard the squish of brains thinking too much
and then some eyes hit me.


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