23 Apr

no human being made fingers move like paco de lucia.
there was never any babe ruth in andalucia,
but everyone knew the phoenician, greek, arab, jew, roman
conspired in paco’s fingertips.

merry last drop

22 Apr

the straight jaws of hospital authorities;
their clipboards and high life expectancy,
but it was the kid with terminal cancer,
maybe 7 or 8 and living
like a trucker-out of sight and mind;
from one dash to the next;
turning tiled floors into walks on clouds,
making houses with napkins and straws.
his last request was jello and scooby-doo

same old pilgrim frontier

21 Apr

still the shuffling masses;
crowding onto buses,
waiting in post office lines;
the china man in ski vest,
quarter naked teeny boppers,
down syndrome,
suit and tie,
a never before seen mustache,
smell of patchouli and beer,
all tapestrified;
the tree stump eyes droop.
clouds dance heavy now.
stoic buildings crumble.
dreams behind wasted eyes;
all  pining for dawn’s car wash.

dna bubbles

20 Apr

the thing had no name,
just a big ol’ white pill in the sky.
we liked the way its light hit branches;
turning em all wicked;
a witch’s fingernails scraping our internal gps.
we slid down the ravine towards the lake
and played black nylon sky in the water;
the sand gobs and moist.
we both recognized our primoridal ancestors.

we learned our a,b, and c

19 Apr

the training session was long,
but the donuts and coffee tasted fresh
so did the talk about central vacuum systems.
all sexual stares kinda stopped as
people were amazed by dust
being sucked to the same receptacle.
there were diagrams, discussions and metaphors made.
even instructions by the last speaker,
“love the wickedness in your co-workers.”

a pervert’s plea

18 Apr

ahh spring you’re so predictable
with all these oranges and eggplant innards,
cucumbers, coconut hairs, caves and volcanoes,
the beating breathing humping circuit board hearts
coated with delicious curves of rolling hill flesh
and we the still life clouds floating across ponds.

school daze

15 Apr

about that school teacher and her red pen.
i seen her on the subway.
she was drunk;
a good drunk;
quietly swigging rum from an orange juice container
in between last minute corrections;
making vital signs on term papers
and every kid will pass no matter what and
a never before rhythm will steal them kiddies away.


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