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28 Jul

kent park is not fenway park,sadness-001
but there is a baseball diamond and
people run round the bases
and round and around they go
late at night
high on something
hungry for someone no longer there,
itching at an already amputated limb,
like suicides reappearing in
new bodies and new tongues.

*painting by colorsetbrushes

a little closer to paradise

15 Jul

they give an immigrant a t-shirt
her three kids get one too,
says the name of the city and country on the front.
i like their smiles.
maybe they’ll be on a tourist brochure one day.
i have coins to exchange for some beer so i do and
walk to the railroad tracks and make a toast
to that immigrant family,
hoping they feel good in their new land of less death
and i make a second toast,
to the suicides
who didn’t feel so good in this land of less death
i take a big swig and
hope everyone feels a little bit freer
wherever their next step may be.


i caught summer whispering

5 Jul

it was in between the winds
when a squirrel and i caught eyes.
we were both scared
both loitering outside the 7/11.
the squirrel looked like a paranoid crack addict
probably felt like one too.
this must be the first station along love’s journey i thought
or maybe this is a wild west stand-off and
we’re smelling each other out,
in preparation for the kill,
but then it went on longer and
we went past the public relations courtesy point and into
that strange space when
dots in that squirrel’s life started to connect with mine
and vice versa.
that’s when the paranoia and synchronicity spread their wings,
held hands too
and a gust of wind kicked into gear
disturbing the up above leaves.
or maybe they weren’t disturbed.
maybe they liked being turned around,
exposing their under belly other side,
that pale nuclear ash side
because with every ensuing gust,
the leaves twirled back and forth
electric fresh green one second and
pale nuclear ash the next,
two sides of the same life i thought and
so i decided that must be the sound of wind.

taking a walk in montreal

2 Jul

Originally posted on colorsetbrushes:

i don’t enter churches very often,
but maybe i should becausetakingawalkinmontreal 001 (2) churches will probably get converted into
hospitals or youth hostels soon
like telephone booths were maybe converted into teleportation capsules?
anyway, i like the way a church smells,
frankincense in the carpet and what not.
i like sitting under the stained glass windows
and thinking about all the inside prayers and
mortar between the outside bricks
holding it all together.

words by steve, broken bats

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nature’s pick up eyes

28 Jun

Steve Myers:

Hot saunas batman! Love is in the air!

Originally posted on colorsetbrushes:

birch bark burns real well.graffiti 003
it’s water proof too and yet
i saw a roll of birch all on its own
just sitting there on a grassy hill
far away from utility
behaving like tumbleweed
looking like a forgotten manifesto
but ready to heat up or swim
inching closer and closer to a
stray pine cone down below.

words by steve, broken bats

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walking into some other room

21 Jun

Originally posted on colorsetbrushes:

my plan was to go inside the library and
read about tibet,weedingfleurie 001 (3)
but i noticed the silver church spire instead.
it was not alone
and so i thought,
now evergreens get their chance,
to stand and dance
with branches not really swaying,
more like fanning ledges,
diving boards for beetles
launch pads for butterflies
a summer carnival of ecosystem zillions
and the entire tree not really green at all,
but aqua blue spruce
drowing in nuclear ash this day after the end
and love is in the air,
but i buy a mini whisky instead and
slip into the library.

words by steve, broken bats

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