as barn doors open

27 Aug

i was walking along the saint lawrence river the other day
when a great smell hit me really hard.
like a warm pocket so sudden while swimming in the ocean.
i felt drunk,
totally obsessed by that smell.
got me wondering if we could see smells….
maybe people driving cars with windows open might suddenly stop,
lost in a rapture.
they might even get out of the car and wander around sniffing things.
then humans and animals would be almost indistinguishable.

wood carving a short story totem pole poem long

26 Aug

i got to editing the other day.
took a hacksaw and started cutting full branches,
thinned the plot out a bit.
then i took one of those giant scissors and
trimmed some of the excess leaves,
whutchawhutchawhutcha and so on
made the sentences flow a bit more,
i must have suffered edit lust because i couldn’t stop and so
a short story became a long poem,
but wait a second,
i hate cutting trees,
even the red x’d ones i wish would remain
in fact, right this very minute somewhere in the world,
i hope a gang of wood carvers are turning a whole bunch of those red x’d trees destined-for-the-pulp mill into totem poles.

when i looked up one day…….

25 Aug

i tried to understand the clouds,
all their colors and hues,
their wild free flow design,
the collective exhaust of human thought i wondered?
to rain
to rain
to rain
to wash it all away
to start all over again
every waking day?

the bird and i

24 Aug

i thought and thought and thought some more,
about nothing in particular.
i assumed there was something wrong with me;
that i was an ice cube living in a volcano lava gush free flow world and
that i could never melt and join in and be one with everyone
but then i looked up into the big sky
and spotted not a pigeon, crow or sea gull.
maybe it was a hawk?
its wings were so big
i expected it to soar,
but its wings behaved like the arms of a kid on a balance beam
flapping turbulent
and not for just one flap.
it was turbulent for two, three four
i gave up keeping score.
what a struggle in the sky,
what a mirror!
what a reminder
that flying is not so easy
for the bird and i.

the other olympics

23 Aug

a squirrel may have the longest of leaps,
in proportion to its body mass,
the medal ceremony so calm on its hind legs
holding a nut of some sort,
nibbling away
all appreciative of the moment.

on a 100 dollar meal or a can of beans

22 Aug

holes in shoes may get look-down-the-nose stares
or look over there – home made sandals
or as the wearer of a pair says,
”sun roofs for toes that can suddenly breath?”

in praise of old things

21 Aug

shoes have so many colors.
they stick out from the shoe store wall like tropical birds perched on display.
so much more than black, white and brown.
some don’t even have laces.
they have velcro straps instead,
it’s very tempting
to bat down the velcro hatches and pretend my feet were discovery ships
but i slipped into a pair with laces instead and
good thing i did because
the web of spider laces reminded me of rock band roadies pulling ropes to set stage props, ranchers lassoing ropes, and 11 year old girls playing cats cradle.


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