jukebox on a foggy beach

25 May

the plug looks lost,
no outlet to cross.
no drop a token in the slot and see that record drop.
no needle kissing vinyl primal.
makes the world so damn mute
ready or ripe
a snake charm root
raising up the sun.
bird chirp chorus flute
roll crash tide
thunder beat
this jukebox world,
a perennial fleet.

as water wears away rock

23 May

there’s some crayola
to see the prime of youth
so spring limb flex fox strong
get old drunk fat rot away.
it’s not greedy.

the elephant to its circus trainer

22 May

your tough words
one hammer blow after another
nails in my coffin,
but then i thought ”peanuts”
and the stings became massage pin sighs.
i set my trunk in motion and
remembered the pendulum sweep of both night and day.
i enjoyed a magnolia breeze and
watched as pedals rocked and swayed hammock to
sweet rose romantic earth
funeral bed floor.

cusp of seasonal perceptions

21 May

dear tundra impasse,
i counted on some houdini vanish
some hup 2-3-4 march
electric eyed rabbits,
april wine,
may flies magpies succotash
but it’s all in my head,
this lustful expectation
i’m 73 not even miles or kilometers away
i’m 73 something so far it’s not yet measurable away from creation’s burst all around me
dammit….still waiting for lava’s ooze.

body of not so diminishing capabilities

19 May

the sand dial turned over at the big bang,
      housed smaller sand dials turned
         over at our own births
             but if we find
                 the dial
                flip it over
             we can maybe
          start over and hell
     do some walk by flip overs
a wild hoedown bonanza of new days

the interruption of an endless ticking

18 May

that dog hears footsteps and jumps up,
its paws scraping the door with excitement.
its dog consciousness bursting through the bars.
sounds of human words detected in its bark,
always on the brink of a miracle,
the world always on the brink,
of a miracle.

as another day shapes into something

16 May

all of the men on ladders corking this and welding that
and hush puppy office shoes and mothers with strollers,
kids and playgrounds and that strange sound of all their voices at the same time,
totally not decipherable.
a pamphlet of coupons blows by,
a 2 page insert,
chick peas are 69 cents a can
black olives are 2 cans for 99 cents.
i might make something of this day yet.


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