king solomon whisks away an AA meeting

26 Nov

he had a plastic shopping bag configured as a bow tie. i got up close. he smelled like an evergreen tree. when the mc opened the floor to confession, the evergreen stood up.

“Hi, my name is Solomon and i’m a righteousness addict.”

i saw some legs crossing and uncrossing and heard rustles of discord. it felt like the windows had opened.

something was going.

something was coming.

Solomon reached in a bag and removed a bottle of whisky. he took a swig and passed it around. there was nothing there to stop us, only our sober vows vanishing.

the meeting ended.

solomon led the way to a nearby bar. we were about to not drink alone.

we were about to build something.

the up down

25 Nov

i took a long glance at the nighttime sky and tried some deep breathing, ya know, the slow inhales through the nostrils and long exhales by the mouth. i did it for a few seconds and tried to feel stars galaxies unknowns, but i got bored or distracted…..enlightenment wasn’t gonna happen, not that night anyway so i turned down an alley thinking i might find some used syringes or a puddle of vomit. might seem strange but that always makes me feel better because then i know, it could be worse or better, what do i know? Either way, a reason to carry on.  i walked some more and came upon a light or stood under one and the ground below lit up so i looked down and there was one gum after another, all of them mushed into space ship circles, all over the place and that’s when it hit me – stars galaxies unknowns, heaven or hell, it’s there.

a sudden realization while crossing the street

18 Nov

doctor psychiatrist so and so or maybe she’s a priest or maybe she works in a plastics factory graveyard shift or maybe she is all of the above? well….. all i know for sure is that she wears her body well and that she is a crossing guard during the day, a damn good one too – she smiles at all the kids and cane elderly, me middle aged too. she asks me what’s infinity and the first thing that comes to mind is the weight of a tractor tire, but then half way across the street it hits me……..i don’t want the all night to be ruined by a sunrise.

while walking home

29 Oct

i’d been there before, walked past the same spot for five or six years and it was always abandoned and beautiful, big boulders, tall grasses and all kinds of trash. it looked like dreams and then after all that time, all of sudden, a few months ago came the trucks, first the cement mixers and then the wood people. i wonder what’s going up, maybe a triplex or maybe a survival store to buy beer, lottery tickets, canned foods, candy bars, magazines, things like that. the constructions been going on for two months now and i’m always caught as to what to do…..observe the creation, look up and stare at progress or look down and make sure i don’t step in dog shit. this is dangerous dog shit season with all the leaves pasted wet on the cement floor we live on. funny how peacock tail color leaves get mixed up with dog shit. i guess that’s part of the deal, like this stubbed toe pain took me to the pharmacy where i started dancing in the pain killer section because i felt like it,  some strange dance the blues and gospel do together double helix strands and spin, barber shop poll twirling colors. soon we’ll be singing in the street. it’s only tuesday. i wish it was thursday, but we do it, don’t we? you, me and the rest of us. we all do our day, do what we have to do, raja the dog and the cats too. they live their lives. i miss adventures. maybe i’ll walk through notre dame des neiges cemetery and then up to the mountain. i love that cemetery, so many trees and the roads are labyrinth and this time of year with the not hot-not freezing air and all the leaves and colors. hopefully i’ll get some guts and hug a stranger.


random thought that might turn into a poem

28 Oct

prison swing 8:15, nowhere near 4 pm punch clock, but then you hear a song you recognize in some passerbye’s ear phones or some stranger hugs you but before you can surrender to infinity and no longer think about what you should do or shouldn’t do, you head to the bathroom to kill punch clock time and you cut your left big toe nail too low and the nerves wake up and shoot up your leg, but then you remember that hug by a stranger and you’re reminded that the body crumbles to dust; that it’s not so reliable, not reliable at all, but who cares we have hearts minds infinity and there it is again, 8-4 or until 4 in the other hemisphere. here’s the song i heard in that passerbye’s ear phones or i’m lying they were mine or i wasn’t even wearing headphones; i don’t have any; i was listening to it now, on you tube heaven. i’ve been listening to richie havens so you tube connects me to richie havens i didn’t know and so here i am loving another song that richie havens covers so well. it reminds me of captain and tenille and then a paul mcartney song i think it’s called band on the run, the second part of it anyway. i don’t care if youtube knows all my secrets.

anyway, i love this song, makes me want to write 73 love letters.

as i looked into the refridgerator

16 Oct

it’s like the taj mahal.
actually, i have no idea what the taj mahal is.
i mean i know it’s a temple or shrine of some sort,
but soy sauce got me thinking about places people pilgrimage,
things like that,
really holy stuff,
not doughnuts,
but ommmmm i and we are one holy and
madonna’s song about spirits or maybe it was the police,
spirits in the material world?
soy sauce makes rice and vegetables taste good,
maybe it’s the salt in soy sauce,
it makes rice and vegetables taste good
especially naked vegetables,
the ones with no meat twirling around those freaking little snaky noodles, not that i’m against eating meat, in fact i ate a hamburger on saturday at a restaurant that doesn’t serve the food on plates just the burger all wrapped up in wax paper and the waitress was old and really nice. i didn’t feel paranoid at all.
but back here today, i have no meat so i love vegetables that soy sauce makes great, inspires me eat them and not think about anything except eating more of them until the last noodle half and then what the hell am i going to do with the rest of my life and then i find a new activity, writing this wordrpress-ure thing and then it’s possible and then that finishes and the questions begin again and then there’s another answer doing the dishes and like my grandpa used to say, “so it goes, so it goes.”
and all is really good,
really good.

grabbed a snake bite

8 Oct

i didn’t grab a snake bite before it bit me.
but i cooked hot dogs and pasta,
i fed myself.
there’s some evolution and survival in that,
ketsup helps
i also wrote a paragraph and
i like the paragraph i wrote,
maybe i’ll finish another paragraph tonight
or maybe tomorrow.
either way,
if I do it,
i’ll drink some cheap whisky or
i’ll drink nothing and watch tv,
and hopefully like it, but if i don’t
it’s good to fall in love everyday,
with someone or something,
surinam or a girl named sarno

let’s meet for a drink real soon

2 Oct

i’m not near a bar rail,
but I close my eyes whisky high anyway
and pray for you,
for you,
for you.

i used to ride my bike no handed

20 Sep

writing used to be wine high

now it’s

i’m a slave.

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