a flow of gases

28 Dec

wind is free,
sometimes violent,
sometimes a peaceful breeze.
It owes us nothing.
It comes and goes as it please.


the in between

30 Nov

some dance until they dance

others drive around in hearses.


trees talking telepathically with me

19 Sep

i changed something in the way i think and then i started to look back at my life and the scenes all became illuminated fire works in reverse like a giant hand with long, skinny fingers shooting piano key rays of light down into the soil.  i guess those would be tree roots.

city and woods and city again

25 Aug

i used to think the woods wild forest was quiet and peaceful, solitude and all that, but then i sat on a pier in the Laurentian woods wild forest and i saw a frog on a lily pad, a spider spinning a web, worm like creatures on a rock underwater, and little fish darting around.

There were clouds racing around above me and after I jumped in the water – a spongy world under my feet. There was wind rustling leaves in the overhead trees….crickets or cicadas sending out their electric screams, bird chirps of all sorts, mosquitoes buzzing in my ears, and probably everywhere else too.

Then I came back home, to the city Montreal, and i went to the notre dame des neiges cemetery. I walked in and out of mausoleums and beside tombs and well, it seemed quieter than the woods wild forest.

the ice cream flop

23 Aug

there’s so many outdoor places to read, write, draw, stare at a tree, worry, pick your nose, even an outdoor piano to play…..
there’s rock and roll and jazz bands to see and hear, bird chirps too, and yet the only thing that makes perfect sense is a fallen ice cream cone, laying naked in the grass, melting.

ode to GI Joe, nordic gods, mayan mothers, dragon flies, koala bears, long grass in the wind

17 Aug

I met a man. He didn’t know musicians or music fans thumbed through album stacks in search of a bass riff or a hi-hat sound. He also didn’t know that when they found it, they described the experience as thrilling.

I met a woman who rejected cable television. Instead, she set up a TV antennae on her roof to attract as many signals as possible.

To all the freedom fighters who talk about a printer, a car wash, changing a flat tire on a bike, fast food breakfast specials, the smell of a certain kind of flower…..to all the freedom fighters who talk about anything and in the process help set their brothers and sisters free, I don’t think you try to do it. That’s just the way you are.

it’s like the way a plant bends or a wind goes.

dirty and clean holding hands

16 Aug

i was in the shower thinking about pornography when my mind switched to the hospital where i work and all the porno looking people there, the sexy way they dress, their flesh that’s left exposed, even the observant muslims and their eyes and then i realized that it’s not porn, it’s beauty, lots of flowers and wild animals there.

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