the might be’s of time

29 Sep

There might be a Stonehenge like configuration that pops out of the ground on the way to school or work this morning and if there is it might be appearing for the first time or it might be a traffic light, but either way i like how it changes colors.

if i were a door…

22 Sep

i’d be tired from all that involuntary opening and closing.
and probably regret i ever became a door.
i’d long for the good old days when i was a human,
deciding whether to be open or closed.

if i were a cloud…

21 Sep

i’d be one of those giant cauliflower cumalumbalus clouds on a hot humid day when the future is always steamy and up ahead and advancing quickly is another giant cauliflower cumalumbalus cloud and we merge into one.

as is the old port

20 Sep

a church organ’s massive pipes give way to horse feet clapping cobblestone fade away to the strum of Spanish guitar replaced by the hoooooo and sssssss of wind through leaves in soft percussion that was always there.

dear friday

16 Sep

i tried this little experiment,
to live without the people i love.
i pretended they were gone.
what a relief my experiment was nothing but a prosthesis.
i put my real organs back in their slots and could sing my song again.

what if…

15 Sep

children learned at least one native american language.

i walked into a mirror

11 Sep

i found some words scribbled on a piece of paper,
Armstrong and Armstrong.
a law firm? i thought
but Neil and a Louis were there too,
a melody maker and a star seeker,
both striving for elevation.

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