as i looked into the refridgerator

16 Oct

it’s like the taj mahal.
actually, i have no idea what the taj mahal is.
i mean i know it’s a temple or shrine of some sort,
but soy sauce got me thinking about places people pilgrimage,
things like that,
really holy stuff,
not doughnuts,
but ommmmm i and we are one holy and
madonna’s song about spirits or maybe it was the police,
spirits in the material world?
soy sauce makes rice and vegetables taste good,
maybe it’s the salt in soy sauce,
it makes rice and vegetables taste good
especially naked vegetables,
the ones with no meat twirling around those freaking little snaky noodles, not that i’m against eating meat, in fact i ate a hamburger on saturday at a restaurant that doesn’t serve the food on plates just the burger all wrapped up in wax paper and the waitress was old and really nice. i didn’t feel paranoid at all.
but back here today, i have no meat so i love vegetables that soy sauce makes great, inspires me eat them and not think about anything except eating more of them until the last noodle half and then what the hell am i going to do with the rest of my life and then i find a new activity, writing this wordrpress-ure thing and then it’s possible and then that finishes and the questions begin again and then there’s another answer doing the dishes and like my grandpa used to say, “so it goes, so it goes.”
and all is really good,
really good.


grabbed a snake bite

8 Oct

i didn’t grab a snake bite before it bit me.
but i cooked hot dogs and pasta,
i fed myself.
there’s some evolution and survival in that,
ketsup helps
i also wrote a paragraph and
i like the paragraph i wrote,
maybe i’ll finish another paragraph tonight
or maybe tomorrow.
either way,
if I do it,
i’ll drink some cheap whisky or
i’ll drink nothing and watch tv,
and hopefully like it, but if i don’t
it’s good to fall in love everyday,
with someone or something,
surinam or a girl named sarno

let’s meet for a drink real soon

2 Oct

i’m not near a bar rail,
but I close my eyes whisky high anyway
and pray for you,
for you,
for you.

i used to ride my bike no handed

20 Sep

writing used to be wine high

now it’s

i’m a slave.

a flow of gases

28 Dec

wind is free,
sometimes violent,
sometimes a peaceful breeze.
It owes us nothing.
It comes and goes as it please.

the in between

30 Nov

some dance until they dance

others drive around in hearses.


trees talking telepathically with me

19 Sep

i changed something in the way i think and then i started to look back at my life and the scenes all became illuminated fire works in reverse like a giant hand with long, skinny fingers shooting piano key rays of light down into the soil.  i guess those would be tree roots.

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