as my compass begins to melt

10 Jan

the shadows i grabbedumbrelainc 001 (2)
were worry through my fingers
and then i suddenly love you
in all your perfect delicious crawling all over our scaffolds we’re building more than something new we really solving our quench
dear vegas,
the odds seem great this wine around that
our lost loved ones
wait for us,
beside a swimming pool or
9 ball rack
or back alley
or whatever floats our boat,
heaven it is
reaching for you,
dancing right now.

painting by colorsetbrushes

the assassination of a tree

18 Dec

i wasn’t there to see the
branches being stuffed into the wood chipper machine
and hear that electric swoosh sound,
but I walked by the remaining stumps every day and
it was very strange and beautiful
because plants or maybe the beginnings of new trees
sprang up and out of those not really dead stumps
like a wild green fountain of

creation can’t stop
anonymous reincarnations.
the stumps are lined up on a thin patch of grass,
roughly 20 feet apart and
on a slope that overlooks a shopping mall,
it’s where people come and walk their dogs and
where dogs relieve themselves,
but i think it’s more than fertilizer doing the magic.
it’s the love people shower on dogs.


no matter what

6 Dec

a head statue of beethovenbethowen 002
sat on the piano.
my brother won it at a recital.
the face looked a lot like our neighbor.
it wasn’t made of ceramic or marble,
just some sort of plastic,
but it lasted and
no matter where we were in the room and
no matter what age or mood we were in,
that statue always seemed to stare at us,
console us
remind us that
perfection was always so near
always so attainable
if we would just keep trying.

painting by colorsetbrushes

a fork in the sky

1 Dec

three telephone wires,treeslife 004
lounging lazy hammock
twanged by the wind
sends one bird into a seagull breeze
and another
pigeon perched in mummified solitude,
above a library entrance,
staring at nothing in particular.

painting by colorsetbrushes

reverse vultures

23 Nov

This season monotonearbrecadreof wind, rain,
and crunchy leaves
when wind seems drunk and mean,
a morgue for umbrellas.
There’s one upside down
its scaffolding so exposed,
all the broken limbs,
but bat wings flapping in the breeze
not yet capsized,
a shelter for squirrels.

painting by colorsetbrushes

one way astronauts, eventually

15 Nov

it was supposed to beparisetcadre
a swan across a lake scenario,
real calm and peaceful,
a decorated casket,
but it was actually a canoe,
and not lowered into the ground,
but pushed out to river,
with an elder inside,
flat on his back
surrounded by offerings,
set free to float across water
melting into the sky stars above
bathing the beings below.

yeh,  it was supposed to be
a swan across a lake scenario,
but the last lap was curbs and a cane
ambulance sirens swirling
horns honking,
but steam floating from a sewer grate anyway,
becoming stars again.

painting by colorsetbrushes

a near death experience

8 Nov

holidaycards2105 001 (2)


he almost curled up cocoon womb in bed,
but hugged his backpack instead
and dreams oozed all over him,
electrified his toes.
he wandered west,
so help him wind.

painting by colorsetbrushes




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