the mafia in us all

14 Mar

there weren’t amputated fingers in their soup,
barely even a curse word,
but for some reason or another,
the mother didn’t talk with her father
and then the great grandson got into some rivalry with his brother,
the sister hated the mother
and the world is a bruised apple,
kshh kshh kshh of a record refusing to finish
but out of now here
some meaty white apple parts.


Jong and Trump dancing

3 Dec

I work with a lot of people from the Philippines. They told me about training spiders as kids or not training them, but starving them and then pitting them against each other like cock fights. I guess it was a pre-TV, pre internet, pre-smart phone past time. It got me thinking about Donald Trump and Kim Jong. I have nothing against the good old people from the United States or North Korea. In fact, I suspect there are great poets and singers from both places, great people who work in factories from both places too. It’s just Donald Trump and Kim Jong that don’t like each other. So I have an idea. Why don’t we pick a neutral country and city, say Tokyo Japan where as they say, the two leaders can settle their differences, dress up in Sumo Wrestler gear with the thick thong and what not or since neither one of them probably knows the Sumo technique, they could square off in a cage match. What will probably happen is that they’ll discover they’re exactly the same, that they both suffer and bleed. Then, we can go back to a never before normal, that is, citizens of North Korea can discover American writers and poets and citizens of the United States can discover North Korean writers and poets.

fur coat

2 Dec

there are no more leaves on trees.
fluffy days are gone.
branches scrape the sky like finger nails across heaven


1 Dec

leaves crunch like confetti under my feet
another season blowing away

when i wore cowboy boots

29 Nov

a friend gave me a pair of cowboy boots.
it was no big deal,
but when i put them on,
i felt naked
like adam and eve in the bible must have felt
or like the snake.
yeh, i was suddenly the snake and i could do whatever i wanted.
it was overwhelming.
like wearing a superman shirt.


26 Nov

I heard the other day that apes have begun to make tools and that spiders were bigger than ever last year. Good thing they haven’t joined forces yet.

dionysus minus the wine

25 Nov

there’s a red light district in my mind.
but mostly
i feel love from our forearms touching.

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